The Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, the ideal hotel in the Quartier du Marais in Paris

Find a hotel in the Marais in Paris

No Parisian district is more representative of the modernity and diversity of the capital than the Marais. With its lively nightlife and vibrant communities, it is the ideal place to spend a stay in Paris. The central geographical location adds an additional asset to the neighbourhood. Now a symbol of the modernity of the French capital and the quality of life as a whole specific to French society, the Marais is particularly associated with the homosexual community. While Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie Street is home to a large number of gay bars, the demographics of the Marais are so diverse that we cannot stop at this image alone. The neighbourhood's restaurants, bookstores and boutiques contribute to creating a vibrant and fascinating atmosphere. The Marais is also the district of watchmakers gathered in the streets surrounding the Temple Square. A true symbol of tolerance, the Marais welcomed a large number of Jews in the last century to the historic part of the Pletzl. Further north, the district looks like a small China with its large immigrant community in Wenzhou. In the Marais district, you simply experience the complexity of the Parisian way of life. Far from clichés and preconceived ideas about Parisian life, the Marais knows how to remain authentic and faithful to its values. That's all it takes to attract tourists. Between the Museum of Jewish Art and History and the Picasso Museum, there is no shortage of invitations to open up to the world. Le Marais is simply one of the most enchanting districts in Paris. A neighbourhood in perpetual motion where it is impossible to get bored. To be sure to have a good stay in the City of Light, all you have to do is book a room in a hotel in the heart of Paris in the Marais.

The Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, an establishment with a restaurant in the heart of the Marais

With its wellness area and fitness room, the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers promises you a perfect stay in the capital under the sign of comfort and pleasure. The pleasure is also to be found at the Ristorante National, the restaurant with terrace of this 4-star establishment. In its name, the restaurant already evokes a duality of which it is proud. Half Italian, half French, he is inseparable from the hotel's history and pays a fine tribute to the friendship and fraternity that unite the two Latin countries. Passionate and renowned chefs will meet you there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or to enjoy a delicious cocktail in the evening! What makes the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers so unique is not only its dream location and respect for traditions. It is also its respect for the environment. Because the establishment also knows how to be modern! He has therefore introduced a charter to make his guests aware of the importance of preserving our beautiful planet. Energy savings, natural building materials or ecological air conditioning systems define one of the many facets of this exceptional establishment. Choose to stay in one of the 66 rooms of this wonderful hotel and let yourself be transported into a world of sublime sensations!

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