Positioned between the Marais and the quartier of Montorgueil, a singular design hotel offers an entirely new Parisian experience.

An inspiring and unique addition to the busting neighborhood in which it sits, the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers is a feat of modern architecture and innovative design hidden behind a classic Haussmannian facade. The 70-room establishment, restaurant and bar have been realised using the noblest materials and craffed by artisans in the tradition of French savoir-faire.



A hideaway of remarkable hospitality
to promote the delights of Italian gastronomy

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Designer Raphael Navot and the DVVD architecture agency engage here in a dialogue on the Haussmann style that is so precious to Paris and to the sensibility of a hotel structure that is perfectly anchored in the 20th century. Materials and textures are fashioned with respect for the artistic, artisanal tradition which comes to life again through the designs and forms that withstand the tests of time.



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Architectural signature
By the designer Raphael Navot.




Talented mixologist Oscar Quagliarini has devised a cocktail menu in the same way a perfume alchemist composes fragrances. Each cocktail has a specific olfactory and taste palette, sometimes quite masculine and other times quite feminine, so all your senses will awaken as you enjoy a special designer cocktail.



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