Absolute relaxation at the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers: Discover Massage in Paris

Welcome to Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, your haven of peace in the heart of Paris's 3rd arrondissement. Our hotel, nestled at 243 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris, is much more than just a place to stay. It's a place where well-being and relaxation are taken to the next level, thanks to our exclusive massage salon and wellness services .

An enviable location

Our location is a Paris traveler's dream. We're ideally situated between the Marais and Montorgueil districts, two of the French capital's most sought-after neighborhoods. This central location makes it easy for you to discover Paris' cultural treasures, quaint boutiques and fine cuisine.

Breathtaking views of Paris

In addition to our prime location, the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers offers breathtaking views from our terrace, which you'll share with the Penthouse, the centerpiece of our hotel. From this oasis on the rooftops of Paris, you can admire iconic landmarks such as the Sacré-Coeur, the Centre Pompidou and Les Arts & Métiers. It's the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing cocktail from our Herbarium cocktail bar.

Authentic Italian cuisine

For lovers of Italian cuisine, our Ristorante National restaurant is a must-visit destination. Our expert team pays homage to the sincerity of Italian cuisine, from the rue Réaumur to the hotel patio. Discover delicious dishes in an atmosphere reminiscent of a chic trattoria.

Ecological commitment

At the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We are proud to promote practices that respect the planet and the local community.

Massage in Paris: an art of well-being

For those seeking a total well-being experience, our hotel offers a range of massage services services. Whether you're a hotel resident or just a visitor, our therapists and private coaches are on hand to revitalize your body and mind.

Massage Salon in Paris

Our massage salon in Paris is a haven of relaxation where you can escape the hassles of everyday life. Let our expert therapists pamper you with a moment of pure bliss.

Hotel with Massages in Paris

As a wellness hotel in Paris, we are committed to providing our guests with an incomparable relaxation experience. Our massage facilities are designed to soothe your senses and allow you to recharge your batteries.

Quality beauty treatments

In partnership with the CODAGE institute, our beauty workshop offers a range of massages and treatments that are recuperative, revitalizing and relaxing. CODAGE products, manufactured and formulated in the South of France, reflect our commitment to French craftsmanship for a range of innovative, quality products.

Personalized experience

Our team of therapists also offers in-depth consultations to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to relieve muscle tension, revitalize your skin or simply relax, we're here to personalize your experience.

The Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers is much more than a hotel, it's a wellness destination where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To book your massage experience in Paris and discover all our comfortable rooms and suites, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find peace and serenity in the city of love.




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Monday to Friday

4 p.m. - 12  p.m.
Saturday to Sunday

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To book a treatment, please contact the hotel reception at: + 33 (0) 1 80 97 22 80

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